The mission of Our Hearts to Your Soles is to provide the less fortunate across the United States with shoes and free foot examinations. We believe that proper foot health is an essential part of everyday life and important to an overall health maintenance program.



About Us

Since our first event in February 2006, Our Hearts to Your Soles has expanded to over 38 locations across the United States. We have been extremely fortunate to work with the numerous orthopaedic surgeons and volunteers who have helped our organization grow. 


Our Events

Our Hearts to Your Soles has provided socks and shoes to more than 40,000 people over the last decade. Learn more about the work we do by reading about our Thanksgiving events.

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In order to extend our services, Our Hearts to Your Soles is in need of financial donations. Virtually 100% of your donation will go directly to the homeless. Less than $20 can give a foot examination and pair of new shoes to one person.

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